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Info Tech Creation Creates profitable online platforms for digital business projects, concentrating our efforts on B2C and social media marketing.


Info Tech Creation is a company, which specializes in developing performant online business platforms for running our e-commerce projects. Our approach is characterized by following the closed in-house life cycle in web development since it positively affects our business processes by saving our time and reducing financial risks. We deal with social media sites and forums to reach audiences of our products and services worldwide and we also support several B2C e-commerce sites. If you are interested in investing in new business projects with powerful SMM promotion, global affiliate marketing campaigns, and advanced B2C marketing strategies, you are welcome to contact us for cooperation whenever it is convenient for you.



We think that punctuality and dedication to work are crucial for achieving success.



We contribute to sustainability in all global aspects of our business. Stability is a synonym for prosperity.



Our expert social media specialists, designers, web developers etc. are constantly updating their knowledge and improving their skills.



Effective teamwork within our in-house production environment always increases job satisfaction and leads to better results.



Social Networking Platforms

Why we choose social media sites and applications to be our platforms for running online business?  The reason is quite simple. Social networking sites bring together people all over the world, which means almost unlimited opportunities for SMM promotion of our products and services.

We deal with time-proven methods as well as innovative approaches to reach our potential customers via online marketing campaigns. Our in-house development schemes make it quick and simple to control the process of online platform creation.
Social media networking sites are an excellent choice for promotion purposes since they guarantee easy reach of your targeted audience.

The social media sites we own have been developed for our business purposes within the same closed-loop production scheme, which has proved to be very effective for creating engaging content and attracting new customers for our products and services.  Our social networking sites cover such niches as Pet Lovers Matching (for animal lovers who can communicate and exchange pet care experiences online), Fellow Traveler Search (as its name suggests, an online spot for those people who are looking for trusted and reliable trip companions), and Job Offer Service (search for employers and employees).

B2C Marketplace Platforms

Creation of online e-commerce platforms based on our own servers within a closed-loop production cycle allows us take a financial advantage. The process of selling products and services directly to our customers becomes easier and more convenient. We own a few cloud-based market platforms on the web that make it possible to run successful digital marketing campaigns (we deal with CPA, PPC, CPA as well as SEO marketing models). Our e-commerce platforms support various product presentation scenarios and several types of online payments.

From comprehensive SEO optimization to customer-focused content marketing, our approach is tailored to your specific goals. Moreover, our platforms support various product presentation formats and offer a versatile array of secure online payment options, guaranteeing an exceptional and personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Marketing Services

Our Marketing Services are the catalyst for propelling your business to new heights in the digital realm. Beyond our proficiency in B2C Marketplace Platforms, we provide a holistic suite of marketing solutions, meticulously crafted to enhance your online presence and drive business growth.

Our dedicated marketing team specializes in developing and executing bespoke marketing strategies, tailored to your unique business objectives. We harness the power of diverse marketing models, which may include precision-driven Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, insightful Content Marketing, and strategic Social Media Marketing.

With a sharp focus on data analysis, we ensure your campaigns are not only effective but also cost-efficient, consistently optimizing your online presence. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business's digital journey, gaining a dedicated ally committed to your success in the dynamic world of online marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

In the world of online business, strategic partnerships are the key to unlocking exponential growth. We connect your brand with a network of dedicated affiliates who will passionately promote your products or services. Real-time analytics and performance tracking are integral to our service, allowing you to fine-tune your affiliate program for optimal results. Let us guide you through the intricacies of affiliate marketing, aligning your business with the perfect partners to ensure remarkable outcomes.

At Info Tech Creation, your success is our priority. With us your online presence will skyrocket, delivering an impressive boost to your ROI and overall business prosperity. These strategic partnerships will grant your brand the exposure it deserves, fueling growth and expanding your customer base. Don't miss out on the dynamic opportunities in the digital marketplace – choose Info Tech Creation and unlock the potential for unrivaled online triumph!

Traffic Management

Our Traffic Management solutions ensure your online platform operates at peak performance, providing a smooth and engaging user experience. With a keen focus on optimizing website and application performance, we utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques to manage server loads, mitigate latency, and enhance overall responsiveness. Whether it's

Moreover, our Traffic Management services encompass intelligent content delivery and distribution strategies to guarantee fast and reliable access to your content for users across the globe. We employ content delivery networks (CDNs) and robust caching mechanisms to reduce server load and accelerate content delivery, resulting in reduced bounce rates and increased user satisfaction.


We are interested in new ideas and investments for joint projects and we look for experienced marketing specialists with trusted traffic sources. Collaboration with us will bring you:
Working together with us to address arising business issues will help you develop, innovate, and increase your competitiveness.
Your employees will be more motivated and eager to take on new projects, which will contribute to improving the quality of teamwork in your company.
You will have more opportunities for financial expansion, promoting your business on the web and boosting your sales.
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